Easily add pdfMake to your Nuxt 3 application.

This module adds pdfMake to your Nuxt 3 application via a plugin.

  • Print PDFs directly in the browser
  • Forget about manual x, y calculations. Declare document structure and let pdfmake do the rest.
  • Use paragraphs, columns, lists, tables, canvas, etc... Declare your own styles, use custom fonts, build a DSL and extend the framework.
$npm i -D nuxt-pdfmake
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  • Line-wrapping
  • Text-alignments (left, right, centered, justified)
  • Numbered and bulleted lists
  • Margins
  • Images and vector graphics


  • Convenient styling
  • Style inheritance
  • Numbered and bulleted lists
  • Custom style dictionaries

Tables and columns

  • Flexible columns widths
  • col-spans and row-spans
  • headers automatically repeated
  • non-breaking rows
  • non-breaking sections

Header & footers

  • static or dynamic content
  • page numbers
  • page count


  • page dimensions and orientations
  • background-layer
  • custom page breaks
  • font embedding
  • support for complex, multi-level (nested) structures
  • table of contents
  • setting of PDF metadata (e.g. author, subject)
  • tiling patterns

Client-side helper methods

  • download with the specified filename
  • open in another tab
  • print auto-triggering print